Goodbye from Chase the Dog

We Ride Bikes - Thank you for the Good Times!

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So many good times.  So many great people.  So much to be grateful for.

We moved to Forrest back in late February 2008.

Self employed in Geelong, working hard with a young daughter having a few ‘issues’ at that middle years stage.  I won’t go into how the opportunity to move to Forrest came about but needless to say, it was a huge catalyst for our next chapter in life and business.

We became involved in trail advocacy, local commerce, creating awareness for visitation to the region, the trails and the businesses.  
Our primary focus back in the early days was running a fundraising event for the club in the form of the Forrest 6hr.  Members were few, though a passionate bunch.

Norm and Roland were heavily involved in making the Forrest 6hr happen, with club members helping on the day to run a booming event.

With Roland moving to Tasmania for work, with Norm getting tired of putting in the man hours it came to be that the club were happy to hand the event over with no one really equipped nor energised to do so.  I guess this happens...

Chase The Dog is a...

non - competitive event designed for you to just get out and ride the beautiful Otways.

The spectacular 90km course will take in some of the best old logging routes of the Otway ranges, a mixture of rail trail, fire road and quiet back country roads. This event can be on ridden on virtually any type of bike, whether it be a mountain bike, cycle cross, hybrid, commuter or your road bike, as long as its got wheels and goes alright on the dirt, bring it along!

This is the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in the heart of the Otways with your mates in a safe, supported and friendly manner.


Giving back to others

Proudly supporting beyondblue & You!

Most people have been touched at some stage of their lives by depression or anxiety, whether its you, a family member, friends or collegues.

With Chase the Dog, we hope you will join us to raise funds and awareness and encourage you to get a group of friends together and get out for a day on the bike.

We Ride Bikes donates $5 per entry as a lump sum at the completion of the event

You too can donate or raise funds towards this cause.
In 2016beyondblue have devised a fundraiser that we have been able to link in with:
beyondblue Bash

We will update you when this fundraiser option is ready for you to sign up for but in the meantime, get a bunch of friends or work collegues together and start planning.


Read enough? Want to see the route?

Follow this link to see all the course details

Course Maps and Descriptions


Celebrating the journey

Focusing not on the time it takes but the experience had along the way. The township of Forrest, your supporters and your fellow riders will be keen to celebrate with you. There’ll be music and food, stories to share, photos to show and the sense of achievement and joy at riding one of the most beautiful courses in Australia.


Support is there...

A shoulder to lean on:

Whether it be on a mate who is there to ride with you on the day, or a rest on the side of the road, we will have plenty of “shoulders” to help you on the journey. We’ll point you in the right direction, provide you with food, refreshments … even someone to lend a hand if you find yourself or your tyre a little flat.

In addition to fuel stops along the way, the cafes of Beech Forest and Gellibrand will welcome you with open arms. Enjoy some friendly Otway hospitality. Meet up with loved ones enroute, make plans to meet for lunch or a coffee, sometimes a little company and a push from friends and family is all thats needed to keep us moving.


Challenges along the way

The course is designed to challenge, a moderate level of fitness will help.

Yes….there will be ups and there’ll be some downs. There will be smooth trails and the odd bump in the road, maybe some mud… things may get sticky! For some, what lies ahead and just around the corner will be unknown. But that is where you will have the support of those around you. Your riding buddies, new friends and those supporting from the sidelines.

Set yourself a goal, open your eyes, breathe in the fresh air and get out amongst it. This is your day, whether you tackle it alone or get a group together, immerse yourself in the journey, you won’t regret it.


Finding your way is different for everyone

What's your choice?

Some will have their old trusted steed who has been there for years right through to the latest and greatest purpose built bike for all terrain. But no matter what 2 (or 3) wheeled bike you choose, you will be able to participate. In all honesty, as long as it has wheels and you’re happy to ride it on a dirt road, you’ll be welcome!


The Trail Ahead

So what's the plan?

The course is appoximately 90km in length.

Starting in the friendly township of Forrest, the trail will meander out to Thompsons track, heading up to Mt Sabine before winding your way down the magnificant Turtons track, on to the Old Beechy Rail trail. Stopping at Gellibrand before heading back towards Forrest. Riding through the Otways will take you out of your daily grind and give you the opportunity to see things that normally you would not experience on an ordinary ride. Three tiered forests with ferns at ground level, vines and shrubs at eye level and a closed tree canopy to protect you. Sunlight will filter though, creating a kaleidoscope of color that only the Otways will provide.

Ok... stop reading and start getting ready. Grab some mates and make a weekend of it.
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